Legal counsel a smarter way.

Vision, Values and Behaviours

How we work together as members of the Clearpoint team is important for the Clearpoint brand. We need our clients to receive a consistent experience regardless of who they deal with from which Clearpoint company.

Our vision

Clearpoint strives to provide professional services that are ‘clear and to the point’.

When people think of modern, seamless, valuable services they will think of Clearpoint.

We will conquer the world with small effective teams that work together and support each other.

How we work together

We call how we work together the FIATS model. Fiat is not only an Italian car manufacturer, but also an order given by a person of authority. From the Latin ‘let it be done’. We liked the irony so we chose the acronym.


We work in a lively and enjoyable team environment. We love working together.


We are interested in understanding new concepts and take the time to investigate the background of our clients and their matters.


We work as a team to deal with changing demands and client needs. Our teamwork enables us to provide the highest quality service within our staff resources.

Take Pride

We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our work is of the highest quality.


We are generous with our knowledge and support each other’s development and the growth of the business. We appreciate each other’s personal circumstances.

How we provide our service

We have another acronym for how we provide our services to clients. We call it the PARIS model. Paris is the capital of France, and you can’t beat it in spring. It was also the name of a Prince of Troy whose abduction of a woman named Helen started the Trojan War. Paige chose this acronym, it had nothing to do with Helen.


We provide advice that is sensible and realistic. It is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations that take into account the client’s risk appetite.


We are friendly, easy to talk to and make ourselves available within working hours. Clients are encouraged to pick up the phone.


We do what we say we’re going to do, keep clients informed of our progress and complete our work on time and in full.


We use the combined experience of our team to demonstrate a deep and accurate understanding of the issues facing our clients and offer solutions.


As a team we provide a smooth and consistent experience and fit into the client’s business as if we were always part of their team.