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Commercially minded, our highly skilled professionals are essentially an extension of your in-house team or your ‘go-to’ legal counsel. We offer businesses better value and greater efficiency so that you can stop fighting fires and start building empires.

Our Legal Team

Helen Allard | Director

Meet Helen, our snow-boarding, Vizsla-loving, IP guru with a special interest in Privacy and Employment Law. When she’s not trying to tire out her energised Vizsla pup, she’s sinking her teeth into her clients' businesses to find the best legal solutions that align with their strategy and values. Helen loves working at Clearpoint Legal so much, she’s never worked anywhere else! In fact, Clearpoint Legal does law so differently, she thrives in it’s inclusive working environment and unique approach to legal services. When Helen isn’t having the time of her life at work, you can find her taking some time out on the paddle board.

Paige Comensoli | Senior Lawyer

Paige is your go-to girl for simple, practical and meaningful advice. She thrives on building a connection with her clients and getting to know the ins and outs of their business so she can ensure her advice is tailored and future focussed to support their growth ambitions. With a background in both in house and in private practice, as well as in executive management for a disability start up, Paige has worked with a diverse range of clients of all shapes and sizes and at various stages in their life cycle. Why does she love being part of the team at Clearpoint Legal? Clear and to the point: that’s the Clearpoint way, and evidently, Paige’s too. A road-tripper at heart, with a Kombi to boot, Paige loves getting outdoors hiking, playing sport and reading.

Olivia Blair | Lawyer

Olivia thrives on giving her clients practical legal advice and loves to help her clients find worthwhile commercial compromises or risk management solutions. With experience in the Community Legal sector, Public Relations and Hospitality, Olivia gets a lot of satisfaction from Clearpoint Legal’s ‘client and outcome’ focus. When she’s not sharing her legal knowledge with clients, she co-runs a multifaceted, yet financially un-savvy business that provides catering, transport and cleaning services, amongst other things, to a three-tyrant-circus, also known as ‘parenthood’. Current favourite places to hang out (not always by choice) are at the park or the zoo.

Tanya Gilliver | Chief Operating Officer

Tanya is passionate about Clearpoint Legal’s fresh approach to outsourcing legal services, her motto is Happy Lawyers = Happy Clients. For 20 years, Tanya has been a noteworthy leader in generating funding and growth for her clients both in the UK and Australia. Her legal contribution, particularly to the healthcare industry, has seen the implementation of innovative new roles for patient care,not to mention her forward-thinking approach to the digital health sector. When Tanya gets a chance to kick off her heels, the self-confessed foodie loves a great culinary experience with a glass of wine to boot. She doesn’t shy away from a cosy, live band experience and loves the adventure of immersing herself into the culture of new places.

Joel Cranshaw | Director

Joel is a mover, shaker and innovator. He’s also been a cocktail mixer and ski-lift operator. But with more than 20 years in commercial law under his belt, and experience within multiple industries (technology, banking & finance, distribution and manufacturing companies), Joel has developed and managed teams, created systems and processes to support these companies. He's worked with social enterprises and is an advocate of collaborative work spaces and pursuing the TBL in corporate governance. But his true passion lies in building strong relationships with his clients and finding out about their business. Being able to point his clients in the right direction to get the best advice, at the right time. When Joel’s now implenting systems, he loves to unwind with a cold beer, grow things in the garden and hang out with his family.

Fiona Traikovski | Office Manager

What would we do without Fiona?! Fiona provides essential systems support to the Clearpoint team, overseeing all executive business administration. With 24 years experience under her belt, Fiona has played an integral part in supporting senior executives in global organisations including the Financial Services and mining sectors. Her passion to contribute to the success of an organisation, build professional relationships and help people achieve their goals, are what fuels Fiona’s fire. When Fiona hangs up the headset at the end of the week, you’ll find her spending time with her much loved family, catching up with friends, baking or keeping fit and staying healthy.

Jane Doyle | Senior Lawyer

With a Master of Arts and over seven years experience in commercial law, Jane brings her diverse career experiences and holistic approach to legal solutions to the table. From broadcasting and fashion to human rights and corporate M&A, Jane is a pro at working across the board. She gets a kick from the client-focused approach Clearpoint Legal offers and likes to dig deep into understanding the intricacies of her clients In her spare time, Jane loves to soak up the fresh air when cycling, sailing or gardening.

Sarah Timmers | Lawyer

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