Commercial Legal Tactics for 2022

Whatever stage you’re at in your 2022 business plan, don’t overlook legal. Legal advice is a powerful tool to help your business gain an advantage. Businesses that incorporate legal tactics into their strategies can proactively address challenges, drive growth and minimise risk. As commercial lawyers, the team at Clearpoint Legal have put together three areas that can help you gain a clear direction for your business, company or organisation in 2022.

Employment Law

A healthy relationship with employees is vital for a successful business. When it comes to contracts and terms of employment, it’s important that you as an employer and the employee are on the same page. Non-compliance with employment law can be very damaging to your brand.

The expert commercial lawyers at Clearpoint Legal can provide a range of employment law services – employment contracts, contractor agreements, termination policies and procedures, plus much more. 

Data & Privacy

No matter the size of your business or your future plans, data privacy and protection is something you can’t ignore. Individuals are increasingly aware of the need to protect their data, and in 2022 we’re going to see demand for reasonable data privacy practices from the public. A privacy policy is required by law if you fall within the criteria prescribed under the Australian Privacy Act. You may also need a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant privacy policy if your business has some connection to the EU. Even if not required by law, we generally recommend businesses consider implementing a privacy policy and regularly review their data retention practices.

Our outsourced legal service means you can access expert legal advice from our commercial lawyers anytime to ensure you’re meeting your current legal obligations.


The bloodline of a business, contracts can secure your revenue stream. They also set out the rules and govern your relationships with your customers, clients, partners and/or suppliers. Clear, legally correct contracts protect you from commercial and legal risk. 

Our commercial lawyers can prepare service agreements, sales agreements, distribution agreements, sponsorship agreements, and many more.

Clearpoint Legal can provide advice on commercial legal strategies for your business or organisation in 2022. Visit our website (http// to find out more about our outsourced legal services or book a free 15-minute discovery call here

This document is intended to provide general information only in summary format on legal issues. It does not constitute legal advice.

Clearpoint legal topics you should be reviewing in your business for 2022

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